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Certified Eyelash Extension Artist


Show up, relax, and walk out the door exuding Confidence, Elegance, Strength, and Beauty with your personalized set of gorgeous eyelash extensions. Enhance your natural beauty & shine from the inside out!

Eyeconic Lash Studio is a speciality boutique on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. We provide long lasting, low maintenance, comfortable, and customized eyelash extensions. Our stylists are highly skilled and utilize only high quality materials in a luxurious, relaxing spa like atmosphere.

It is our sincere privilege to offer you excellent customer service, an easy to use scheduling system, private rooms, and a convenient location. Every appointment includes an individualized consultation in order to achieve your perfect look!

It can be difficult to find a lash stylist that has the expertise and experience necessary to enhance your natural beauty and who can be trusted to maintain the integrity of your natural lashes.

At Eyeconic Lash Studio, we create the perfect look for you through our unique combination of extended, thicker, shapelier extensions that are applied to each individual natural eyelash. Our eyelash extensions are a blend of multiple lash materials, lengths, thicknesses, and curls designed to personally fit your unique eye shape, eyelash strength, facial proportions, and lifestyle. 

Our eyelash extensions are applied using advanced techniques which add an extra dimension, making your eyes appear larger, fluttery and wonderfully emphasized. Unlike the look of lash strips, our eyelash extensions give you a voluminous yet natural look.

Eyelash extensions add lift and a brighter look to eyes while removing an unwanted step in your beauty routine. Wake up looking beautiful!

No more runny mascara in the Texas heat or during your active lifestyle.
No more wasting time applying layers of eye makeup.
No more waking up with thin and invisible eyelashes.
No more tedious lash strips!

Eyelash extensions are the latest and fastest growing beauty trend that increasingly more women are adding to their regular beauty maintenance routine. Star as the leading lady in the movie of your life with your perfect set of Eyeconic Lash Studio eyelash extensions serving Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas!

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