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The Faces of Eyeconic Lash Studio

Monika Ford


My passion for empowering women to feel confident, elegant, strong, and beautiful is what inspired me to follow my heart and immerse myself in the beauty industry.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M University Galveston and my Masters Degree in Counseling from Texas Christian University. However, my lifelong appreciation for beauty and aesthetics motivated me to utilize my naturally creative skills in pursuit of a new path.

I truly found my calling as a state certified eyelash extensionist. Quickly, I excelled in the detail oriented work, creativity, and the style customization of eyelash extensions.

Through diligence and dedication, I have earned a strong foundation of professional training and multiple accredited certifications since 2013 in classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume eyelash extensions. I have also continued my training internationally in specialty curls, advance styling, and have attended several conferences. My commitment to regularly complete continuing education courses allows me to stay on the cutting edge of the eyelash extension industry while constantly improving my craft.

As an eyelash extension enthusiast since 2003, I am a true believer in the positive and practical benefits of having eyelash extensions myself. Eyelash extensions are the best beauty invention since lipstick!

The reason I decided to become a business owner is because I wanted to provide a healthy space and opportunity for other women to grow professionally, financially, and be the best versions of themselves. The climb in my career as a lash artist was a humbling struggle, but I’m glad it happened because I learned invaluable lessons and it gave me the fire to make a change.

I decided I was going to make my own rules and make the lashing work place better with higher standards on all fronts.

I love to help and watch people grow and that means I like to invest in Eyeconic’s individual team members as much as I can. I try to create opportunities for them to reach their fullest potential. I’m not one to oppress other women or feel threatened by their successes or growth. I get my joy out of helping and watching others transform, evolve, and ascend into their unique greatness. I always have. (Hence my counseling background and degree) I want to always be a source of care and mentorship as well as a safe person to talk to. If I can better a woman’s life and be a catalyst for her to thrive, then this makes it all worth it to me.

My role as a successful eyelash extension business owner with two prior Uptown Dallas locations has encouraged me to bring my skill set to the wonderful Fort Worth community. It is my sincere privilege to serve as your Elite Master Lash Stylist!

Mika Frazier

Director of Operations

Mika obtained a Bachelors degree from Texas A&M University, then decided to get her teaching certifications and taught elementary math and kindergarten. She later obtained a Masters degree in Education Counseling from Texas Christian University.

Since she excels in working with numbers and has a love for interacting with people, Monika asked her to join the team at Eyeconic Lash Studio as Director of Operations in 2018. Mika enjoys assisting clients with booking appointments and exceeds in customer service to ensure each individual client’s specific requests and needs are met. She brings so much life and fun to the studio with her bubbly personality. Clients and fellow team members feed off her upbeat energy.

Kynzi Rane

Receptionist/Social Media Marketing

Kynzi’s role as a front desk receptionist is multifaceted. She is the welcoming face that greets clients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and valued from the moment they step foot into our studio. Currently enrolled at Texas Christian University, Kynzi is pursuing a degree in marketing. Her academic endeavors provide her with a foundation of knowledge in marketing strategies and consumer behavior, which she consistently applies to her work at the studio. Beyond her studies, Kynzi has a passion for social media marketing. With her eye for aesthetics, she is able to curate engaging content that resonates with our studio’s clientele. She is always up to date with the latest trends and platforms, ensuring the studio maintains a strong online presence.

Darol Allison

Elite Lash Stylist

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Darol has always had a passion for creativity and finding the beauty in everything around her. She decided to take her passion to the next level by enrolling in the Paul Mitchell School and graduating in 2016. She began in the hair industry before making her home in the budding lash industry and impressed all that could see her natural  talents. She has training in classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume, and lash lifts as well brow waxing, tinting, and lamination. Darol is continuing her trainings and certifications as she has a hunger to keep learning and always growing to become the best lash artist she can be.

Nadine Hamann

Elite Lash Stylist

Nadine, a native of Germany, brings a touch of European finesse to the world of lash extensions. With over a decade of hands-on experience, she has perfected the art of tailoring lash extensions to each individual’s unique features. From classic elegance to bold statements, Nadine’s expertise knows no limits. With a proven track record of delighted clients and a reputation for excellence, Nadine is the ultimate choice for those seeking lash extensions that redefine beauty standards.

Leigh Duke

Esthetician/ Wax Specialist

Leigh has a diverse background, with a passion for making others look and feel their best. After teaching high school for 10 years, Leigh decided to go down a different path, and chose to go into esthetics. She ran a successful solo practice for almost 10 years before shutting down amidst the pandemic. In her practice, she performed a range of services from all types of facials and skin treatments, to waxing, sugaring, and eyelash and brow services.

After being away from esthetics for three years, she missed the interaction with clients, and wanted to be back in the treatment room. She is looking forward to seeing the smiles on clients faces when they see their skin looking better than it has in years.

Kenni Henderson

Makeup Artist/Educator

Kenni Henderson is a Professional Makeup artist currently operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She was born and raised in Southern California but has since relocated to Texas. After this move she decided to shift from a long career in fine jewelry to the beauty and wellness industry. During the past decade Kenni has been a part of the most prestigious luxury retailers and beauty brands. Such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, MAC, Guerlain , Tom Ford, Jo Malone London, Anastasia Beverly Hills to name a few. Being a part of these brands allowed Kenni to have access to a high level of artistry training and product knowledge. As an artist Kenni sees it is important to have a well rounded perspective of all things beauty. This is why she invests in her continued education, stays up to date on current trends and has mastered the art of timeless beauty. As a result of these investments she has trained with the best local and world renowned celebrity makeup artists ie. Sir John , AJ Crimson, Tanielle Jai, Allan Aponte , Ashley Rudder, Cymone Beats Queens and many more. Her passion for artistry comes from the power of transformation and the boost of self confidence that each client feels after a bespoke experience with Kenni. It is her goal to enhance natural beauty. Though she is skilled in many application techniques, her favorites are timeless beauty and soft glam. Kenni is also a certified Emerald Green Wholistic Wellness Practitioner. She strives to connect her clients back to optimal wellness and beauty starting from the inside. This certification brings her mission full circle because beauty truly does start from within.

To book makeup services or classes with Kenni please call:

Samiha Alex

Permanent Makeup Artist

Samiha has over 14 years of experience in the beauty industry and continues to perfect her craft with continuing education and training.

She is certified from the Texas Laser Institute and has over 7 years of experience in permanent makeup and microneedling. Samiha is multi-certified in advanced techniques with lip blushing, permanent eyeliner, brow microblading, brow microshading, areola enhancements, and more.

Servicing the DFW metroplex as a regional make up artist & complexion expert, she received her training on facials from the Dior’s institute.

“My goal is to not only make women look beautiful, but to see the happiness in their faces afterwards. It’s priceless”


MicroShading $650
Microblading $500
Lip blushing $550
Eyeliner $450

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